All items must be scored

1. Score: Select a score from the available options:

1 = Substandard
2 = Standard
3 = Above standard
N/A = (Not Applicable for some items)
O = (Optional for some items)

2. Rater’s Rationale for Score: Substandard (1)
     if Score is Substandard – Check box(es) that apply.
3. Rater’s Rationale for Score: Above Standard (3)
     if Score is Above Standard – Check box(es) that apply
4. Teacher Comments are not required by the teacher unless
     “documentation”, “schedule”, “list”,
     “rotation of items”, “portfolio”.
5. Score All Items Upon completion review all pages to confirm that
    all items have been scored.



1. Teacher completes the Teacher’s copy of the MRS-EC-E prior to the
    Rater’s visit in order to be prepared for the meeting with the
    Rater to provide documents for certain items.
2. The Rater scores the classroom (estimated required time 2 ½
     hours) .
3. The Rater meets with the Teacher(s) after completing the MRS-EC-E
to share scoring, and for the teacher to explain and document
certain items for the Teacher’s Comments column.

Special Needs Sensitivity is in items 11 and 22.

Cultural sensitivity is in items 24, 25, 28, 29, 34, 57, 63, 64, 66, 81, 96, 97,
130, 137 and 142.

Scoring Criteria

Substandard (1), Standard (2), Above Standard (3),

Not Applicable (N/A), and Optional (O)

Substandard (1) is defined as not meeting generally accepted
Montessori materials standards:

– standard material is not in the classroom, or
– material is not complete with piece(s) missing, or
– material is not in good condition.

Standard (2) is defined as meeting generally accepted Montessori
materials standards:

– the standard material is in the classroom, and
– the material is complete with no piece(s) missing, and
– the material is in good condition.

Above Standard (3) is defined as meeting more than accepted
Montessori materials standards:

– all the criteria listed in Standard (2) are met, and
– extension, or
– enrichment materials or experiences are provided.

Not Applicable (N/A) is defined as not in the classroom because
the situation does not require it:

– special needs/exceptional children are not present in the
  environment (items 11 and 22)
– children do not stay on for nap or lunch (items 19, 20 and 21)
– prohibited by government or school policy (items 34 and 39)

Optional (0) is defined as not in this classroom because:

– the material is not standard (though often is found in the
   Montessori environment), or
– the material is advanced and depends upon the needs of the
  children for appropriateness.